Phravipassi Dhammaramo


Name in Thai Style  :Phra Vipassi Dhammaramo, 
Name in Nepalse Style : Bhikshu Vipassi Sthavira, 
Name in Documents :Wipassi Shramaner. 
Date of Birth :February 21, 1965 
Place of Birth :Jenla Tola, Bhaktapur Municipality, Nepal 
Present Address :Wat Bovoranives Vihar, Bangkok, Thailand/ 
                              : Wat Muni Vihara, Inacho Tole, Bhaktapur Municipality, Nepal.


*1975 Primary Education in Bhaktapur, Nepal. 
*1980 Jetavana Lower Secondary School,Shravasti, Baharaich District, UP, India. 
*1984 (School Leaving Certificate), Bajrabarahi Secondary High School, Capagaon, Lalitapur District, Nepal. 
*1992 BA degree (Sasanasastra Pandita), Mahamakut Buddhist University, Bangkok. Thailand. 
*2001 MA degree (Sasanasastra Mahapandita) Department of Buddhism and Philosophy, The Graduate School, Mahamakut Buddhist University, Bangkok, Thailand. 


*1990-2016 Regular staff member of the Office of the Supreme Patriarch’s Secretary, Bangkok. 
*2001-2008 Senior President of the Uposathagara Temple Construction Committee in Muni Vihara. 
*2013 and onward leading the YOSASA Centenary Multipurpose Building Construction Project in Muni Vihara. 
*2003 Organizer of Mass Ordination Project under the 19th Supreme Patriarch of Thailand in Muni Vihara, Bhaktapur-6, Nepal. Which is a continuous project. 
*2004 -2015 informally had been active in post of abbot of Wat Muni Vihara, Bhaktapur-6, Nepal. 
*2002-onward A guardian monk of Nepalese monks and novices from Muni Vihara studying in Thailand which numbers over 100. 
*2015-Present has been formally appointed in designation of abbot of Wat Muni Vihara by Government of Nepal. 


  • *Balopayogi Buddha Jivani( Illustrated Life History of the Buddha in Nepali) Published over 100,000 copies.(First time Published in 1994). 
  • *Bhagvan Sarana (Collection of Articles by the writer on Buddhism) Published 1999. 
  • *Late Ven. Vikkhu (sick) RatnajyotiMahathero ( A Comomerative Volume) 2001. AD (Co- editor) 
  • *An Introduction to Wat Muni Vihara, (A pictorial description of the Muni Vihara Buddhist Monastery) published 5,000 copies in 2009 AD Sponsored by The World Fellowship of Buddhists, Bangkok, Thailand. 
  • *Mahajanaka Rajako Katha ( Translated into Nepali from Thai of The Story of Mahajanaka by Late His Majesty King Bhimibol Adulyadej of Kingdom of Thailand), Published 30,000 copies by Royal Thai Embassy, Kathmandu and Thai Air ways International Public Company Limited in 2003 AD. 
  • *Muni Vihara, Bhaktapurko Parichaya, 2009 AD. 
  • *Bhaktapurko Muni Vihara (An account of The Muni Vihara Buddhist Monastery of Bhaktapur) published in 2015 
  • *Janataka Bhikshu (Biography of late His Holiness Somde tPhra Nyanasamvara the 19th Supreme Patriarch of Thailand) Translated into Nepali from Thai. The book was a part of a set contained of books published in 8 languages separately by Department of Religions, Ministry of Culture, Government of Thailand in 2015 
  • *Bylaws of Muni Vihara Management Committee. 
  • *Mastermind of registering Muni Vihara (Sri Dharmottama Mahavihara) in Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery Development Committee, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Government of Nepal. Muni Vihara is the first Newar traditional Theravada Monastery that ever has been registered in Government of Nepal. 
  • *Paritrana Sutra Sangraha ( A collection of Buddha’s Discourses of Protection in Pali and translation into Nepali), Published by Muni Vihara Management Committee in 2016. 
  • *Nayam Paritrana Nisraya (New Ancillary of Pali Discourses on Protection) translated in to Nepali from Newari Upcoming in 2018. 
  • The abbot has been an author and translator of Buddhist articles and books into Nepali, Newari, Hindi, and English since 1984. 
  • 2017- onward :Co-ordinator of Supporting Committee in Thailand : Thousands Big Buddha Construction Project, Wat Suryodaya Buddha Vihara, Bhedetar, Dharan Sub- metropolish, Sunsari District, Nepal. 

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