The Limitations of the Study

The Limitations of the Study
A serene and spiritual scene capturing the essence of Buddhism in Nepal. Imagine a tranquil monastery nestled among the lush greenery of the Himalayan

This thesis was prepared under different confinements such  as time, expenditure and limited sources that available on the subject. The Buddhism existed in Nepal is envisaged of three main groups. They are

  1. Newar Buddhism
  2. Tibetan Buddhism and
  3. Theravada Buddhism

A sketch on history of Buddhism shared by all groups is essential to understand their background. The most authentic evidences, the inscriptions though available scanty, are mentioned. Various factors such as population, history, inhabits, social features, religious centers, festivals, modifications and others that related to Buddhism in Nepal are very interesting. Buddhist religiosity in particular groups of the country is subject to understand in modern prospect. A short description on Buddhism that pervaded into the remote areas of the counter is based on secondary sources. An effort to recognize geography, weather, language, liturgy, literature, religious and political history and other factors is carried out.  It contains a detail description on the Theravada Buddhism, which is receiving popularity since last 7 decades.


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